When You Work At a Museum...

When your Board member suggests that perhaps there is a way to “monetize” the Collection

You explain again that the collection is not a “company asset” and try to walk them through the concepts of public trust and non-profit…

And afterwards your Director says nothing.

When you have to deaccession one of your favorite works.

When a conservator in your lab begins a tricky treatment on a fragile object.

When someone at a dinner party insists that schools are wasting time & money teaching art.

You have to do this: 

Before you do this: 

When anyone outside of exhibits is asked to fix a display case.

When you heavily promote a fun, interactive exhibition to schools and families and at the last minute an artist decides to change their original design into a 5 ft tall penis.

When a group of visitor lets themselves into a closed gallery that you’re in the middle of reinstalling.

Well, obviously all those TEMPORARILY CLOSED - DO NOT ENTER signs didn’t apply to them. Those are for OTHER people. 

When you impress your date with a private after-hours tour and show them all the cool stuff up close.

If you do this for someone and they aren’t appropriately impressed, it wasn’t meant to be. 

When a tween in a twilight shirt climbs up three display cases to hug your taxidermy wolf.

And you’re pretty sure that wolf was preserved with arsenic.

When you release what you believe to be the most beautiful publication that you’ve ever done, but the only messages you get from your colleagues are to point out the typo on page 23.