EDIT: OK, we broke the voting on this one. At some point last night, the live count of voting stopped updating, but you could still vote. We still don’t know what happened but we’ve gotta make plans for tomorrow, so here’s the deal: we decided against arbitrarily eliminating anyone, and instead we’ll call it a draw and advance both museums. 

#MuseumDanceOff Semi-Finals: VIDEODROME

It’s Indiana State Museum’s Happy vs. the National Museum of Sculpture’s Mi Gran Noche!

We’ve got 2 more match-ups including today’s, and the winners of these will go into the Thunderdrome. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON THUNDERDOME: because it will kick-off on a Sunday, which is Father’s Day in the US and a continuation of World Cup-Mania in the rest of the world, we’ve decided to leave the final round of voting open for 48 hours instead of 24. So it will open at 8am on Sunday and close 8am on Tuesday. This change is only for the final round, not the semi-finals. (edited for clarity). 


1. Visit http://whenyouworkatamuseum.com each day starting at 8am EDT and view both videos.

2. Voting is open for 24 hours. Vote for your favorite. Please vote only once. Honor system applies.

3. Encourage your friends to vote on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook using #museumdanceoff, or just send the link in an old-fashioned email.

Indiana State Museum

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National Museum of Sculpture (Museo Nacional de Escultura)

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